Healing Consults

After 10+ years of offering deep transformative 1:1 clinical work, I am changing speeds & shaking things up in my world. As I take on new adventures outside of the realms of holistic healing- I am dedicating most of my herbal know-how to teaching & herbal remedy making as well as a few group health/mentorship offerings coming up. For now, I am available for acute care consultations as well as for those who need help getting started or re-connecting to their wellness plans- details below!

If you are looking for an herbalist who can custom formulate for you or who can work along side you to tackle deep seated ailments or aspirations, you may just find the practitioner of your dreams on this list 🙂 

Finding an Herbalist in NY & NJ! 


Acute Care Consult $40-100 (NOTA)

These short consultations are built around addressing a pressing discomfort that can be addressed with commercial product recommendations & general nutritional & lifestyle guidance. I aim to schedule this appointment as soon as possible to help you find relief!

This offering is ideal for new clients & returning clients alike who want botanical & natural therapeutic options for an acute ailment such as sleep struggles, rashes, UTI’s, headaches, sudden stomach ailments, strains & sprains, immune system support, infections, etc… Please note: this type of session is not appropriate for personal customized herb blends or deep seated long held health concerns.

An Acute Care Consult consists of: 

  • One short online form to capture allergies & relevant background info
  • One 30-min phone/video intake session to talk specific symptoms & budgets for care strategies
  • Check-in chat at a later time TBD by nature of the ailment

For this offering, no one is turned away for lack of funds (NOTA). If you are able to afford to support my work, even a donation below the usual scale is welcomed, but if you can’t, you are still welcome and I’m honored to support you. 

Sliding Scales are a form of justice pricing- Click to learn more & get guidance to choose your rate 

Jump/Re-Starting Your Healing  $75-200

Health struggles and the routes to healing are often anything but simple- there are so many protocols, strategies, approaches, and advice to follow. Maybe you know a lot or have tried a million things. Maybe you have no clue & feel ready to get started.  You may have diagnoses or just a constellation of symptoms that are driving you bonkers. However you are showing up, these Jump/Re-Starting sessions are ideal for someone who is feeling ready to put some practices into place to get curious how they might help you in this season of your life. . Household/Kitchen remedies, Commercial products, somatic movement, practical organization and health plan tips-n-tricks form the backbone of how I will help harness your motivation into a simple actionable plan to get started.  For some the focus may be on how to find a medical provider & herbalist to dual approach get you the deep support you deserve, For others it may be on integrating meditation, learning to cook or meal prep, or herbal additions into your days. 

A Jump/Re-Start consists of: 

  • One short online form to identify your primary struggles & area of focus before we meet
  • One 60min phone/video to build a care & action plan around your top area of focus
  • One care & action Plan Write Up 
  • One 30min phone/video session 1 week later to support your action plan


Mini Coaching Package-  We all know the experience of putting a plan into place and being left to our own devices means that our best intentions of sweetness can instead turn into stress, guilt, and yet another thing we beat ourselves down about. The last thing I want is for our work together to land in that pitfall, so I’ve put together a 4 week series of mini check-in’s. I’ve found this consistent support *remarkably* effective and seen client’s really quickly be able to gain traction on long-held habits & stuck symptoms. This is a very short offering, just 4 weeks in a row of 20-minute coaching sessions after a Jump/Re-Start. If the practice resonates you may do another mini coaching package, OR book an Ongoing Support Session (see below) with you and a friend, and we will set up a type of accountabilibuddy structure for the two of you to practice mutual aid together in an ongoing way ❤

Sliding Scales are a form of justice pricing- Click to learn more & get guidance to choose your rate 

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