About Me

I am a queer community based health & well-being clinician who values finding acceptance, resolve, and grit in the face of this complex world:  I do so by seeking out & participating in justice & joy wherever possible.

My roots and realities include a tangle of working-class lessons, artistic lineage, disabilities, inter-generational trauma, white-skin privilege, mutual aid support networks, and immeasurable resilience and laughter 🙂

In my clinical practice, I bridge scientific and experience-based knowledge with wisdom traditions and an anti-oppression analysis to bring my clients herbal, food-based, meditation, and a yogic philosophy approaches & tools.  I believe that my clients are the healers in the room, and that as a trusted collaborator, my role is to work in partnership to support a revealing or cultivation of their own innate health & vitality.

As an educator, I have taught on so many areas related to liberation practices such as grassroots fundraising, internalized antisemitism, community organizing trainings, affordable housing, gentrification, disability awareness, conflict resolution, and equity & inclusion work in yogic communities. Most recently I have focused my teaching around teaching gender & trans competence for clinicians, working across difference & cultural competence, creating accessible & sustainable wellness practices, creative approaches to sliding scale, and my 8 week course Roots-n-Seeds: Foundations in Herbalism & Medicine Making.

The pronouns I use are they/them and I am happy to support any client’s understanding of what this is about and how to be in relationship with gendered language if its a new concept. A great place to start if this is oh-so-new to you might be to read my Pronouns Matter write up or this

My Formal Education Background:

  • B.A. in Anthropology, 2007, University of Delaware
  • Wilderness First Responder , 2008 Aerie Back Country Medicine
  • Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship, 2009, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
  • Generative Somatics Trauma and Healing Training Intensive, 2011, SJL
  • Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200) 2012, Ananada Ashram
  • Herbal Education Level I-III 2009-2013, Third Root Community Health Center
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Herbalists, 2013, Tammi Sweet
  • M.S. Therapeutic Herbalism, 2014-2016 Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Integrative Movement Therapy Basics & Adult Level 1, 2015 Samarya Center
  • Yoga Teacher Training, (Additional 200 Hrs.) 2016 Samarya Center
  • Post-Masters in Clinical Herbalism, 2017 Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Meditation Teacher Training, 2017-Ongoing The Interdependence Project
  • Herbalism in Action, 2017, The American Herbalist Guild
  • And countless workshops on grassroots organizing, disability awareness, trauma-informed yoga, somatic healing techniques, meditation retreats, and herbalism

Reflections & Ramblings