Approaches & Tools

As an integrative practitioner, I view the various systems and expressions of our body as connected. My work involves observing patterns and connecting physiology with research, tradition, & insight. After much listening & sleuthing comes connecting all that to root solutions: tools & approaches that could work to support you. Below are the core arenas that inform my work and how I approach working in collaboration with clients. Each person’s aims & desires inform what tools we call up & hone together.

How these modalities might come together for your care is a matter of how we end up working together.  I am honored to offer Acute Care Consults & Cozy Comforts for physical & emotional needs that can be addressed in shorter sessions as well as Integrative Herbal Consultations for a deep dive into a broad range of health ailments & aspirations. If the areas below resonate with you, you can learn more about the services I offer as personal consults. 


Humans have co-evolved alongside the plant kingdom and so we have countless physiological pathways by which botanical components interact with our biology. I use plants as a primary therapeutic intervention for all the ways that pain and dis-ease manifests in our being; be it the emotional or physical heart, as an acute ailment or a chronic condition. Herbal Medicine is sometimes made by me, sometimes custom formulas are called into various local and regional dispensaries, and sometimes I might teach folks where to harvest and make one’s own remedies!  Herbal Medicine formulas might come in the form of Teas, Tinctures, Soaks, Salves, Powders, Syrups, and more.

Food as Medicine

Food informs the most foundational parts of us- defining what nutrients our cells & tissues have to work with to function & to repair. Food is also LOADED!  I believe any food can be a part of an empowered healthful way of fueling the body & enjoying ourselves: there is no rigid food dogma over here! At the same time, I will work to share my take on a possible intersection between the food coming in & the symptoms/dis-ease being experienced- avoiding hype & one sized fits all food fears. Some clients may want to work together to address the shame, the stories, and the grief around the impact from our cultures narratives-finding that addressing of wounds important to current food desires. Any conversations or work around food  will always be about connecting to empowering options and focuses on the practical & the delicious!


Mindfulness…Awareness…Contemplation…Presence… By now you likely have come across the articles or studies that have been bolstering the popularity of these ancient wisdom practices in mainstream scientific and pop communities. I use a variety of tools to support peoples ability to observe, notice, and sit with whatever is arising: from holding the horrors of the world to the quirks of the mind, and learning to ride the waves of our various states. This may show up simply as an approach/attitude in regard to accepting our bodies/struggles even as we seek to transform them. When desired, I also offer guided meditations & embodied mindful strategies that are focused on  concrete skills building.


Our bodies are always subtly moving- they are never actually stagnant! Our bodies also require us to move them around to function & repair. Moving our bodies lubricates joints & tendons, keeps our digestive system flowing, soothes the nervous system, moves stuck or stagnant thoughts, helps our circadian rhythms sync up, and so much more. Moving is also loaded! How do we move when there is chronic pain? How do we find what feels good when we are dissociated? How do we find new ways of moving since that acute injury made that one thing we liked impossible? I work with clients to find ways of moving that are in alignment with their enjoyment: walks, stretches, 1980’s aerobic videos in full costume…for some its about habits, for others its about an invitation to go outside and breath/move around for a few minutes.  Having taught Hatha yoga for 8 years, I am able to offer trauma-informed private yoga sessions geared towards creating at home restorative or active yogasana practice and sometimes still do that upon request. For everyone, this work is about finding movement & rhythms that stay out of the shame & should piles!


I am not a healer & I don’t do any of the healing work. You are the one in your body & in your life cracking open old stuff, adding in new practices, weaving together inspiration, narratives, resources however feels possible in a day. You do the healing work, I support the container & sprinkle some contents & herbs! Coaching to me is basically helping you where the rubber meets the road- in your day to day life. The one of coaching sessions with me is one of honoring & uplifting where you are & how you are hoping to be- sans shame or pressure- this happens throughout all of our sessions. Explicit coaching where we check in & discuss your aims happens through my 20min mini coaching sessions. These come 4 in a package and we meet 4 weeks in a row to check in on how the week went, address any obstacles, and we make a realistic and simple aim & what could help it go well in the context of your life this week. No shame, All support in a tiny amount of time.


Having to juggle many practitioners and updating each of them and being a go between can not only be daunting, but can sometimes create a real obstacle to the care you are seeking in the first place. This can be especially true if you are working with a physician or biomedical practitioner who is unfamiliar with how botanical therapies can be scientifically sound primary and complimentary treatment options. I can reach out to your practitioners- alternative providers, mental health clinicians, and primary care physicians alike- and attempt to create collaborative care on your behalf.