Justice Pricing Guidance

Your mindful determination of your compensation rate is a beautiful practice in community care & mutual aid- and it’s what makes my commitment to justice pricing possible! 

You get to choose your compensation rate, no questions asked! Below are descriptions that are imperfect and one size fits none, but you may find one or two details that match your lived experience enough to help make your choice. 

TLDR? Here’s the short story: The Community Rate is intended for those who experience economic hardship & barriers to holistic care. The Reduced Rate is for those who have economic choice but may need to lean on a sliding scale to choose self-care. The Market Rate is for those with economic access who can/do participate in holistic services or education when they aren’t offered at a sliding scale. Please choose a rate & price that feels authentic & possible without causing financial hardship.  

The Market Rate This higher end of my scale represents the market rate for my consults & courses- it’s what I would charge if I weren’t reducing rates to create access. This may be for you if you are able to pay for “wants” and spend little to no time worried about securing necessities (even if finances or liquid assets can feel tight sometimes.)  It may be for you if you comfortably partake in other holistic services or educational opportunities at market rates. If you have debt that doesn’t prohibit financial goals or wealth building, have access to financial security, anticipate inheritance, own property/ rent high-end housing, or if you have a high paying job or dont have to work, if your job/earning potential/family resources provide a financial ‘comfort-net’ in addition to a safety-net, this signifies economic  access. This access to financial security or ease is not a privilege to feel ashamed or guilty for having!  The above represents conditions that everyone should have access to but unjustly do not. For those who are resourced & aware and identify this end of the scale, thank you. By paying market rates, you are directly helping to support others to access the same quality care you will receive: 10% from all high end Market Rate compensation goes to an access fund that allows me to keep offering this scale and offer further reduced rates. If this is for you, your compensation will look like:

  • Acute Care Consult: $85-100
  • 60min Cozy Comfort: $110-$150
  • Integrative Herbal Consult Series: $250-325
  • Roots-n-Seeds 8 week Course: $475-$600
    • Solidarity Rate for Roots-n-Seeds: $650 This rate creates additional access funds to anonymously support a classmate for whom the community rate is out of reach.

The Reduced Rate: This rate acknowledges that paying at full cost would prevent many people from being able to access my work but for whom the community rate isn’t the most authentic placement.  If you aren’t spending most of your time thinking about meeting basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, child care, this middle of the road range might be for you.  You may struggle to build robust savings and you might have to save up for specific endeavors. This may be for you if you have access to steady or comfortable income or if your job/earning potential/family resources provide a financial safety-net. This might be for you if you are regularly able to experience wants & extra’s even if there is debt in the picture.  If paying for a class, product, or service would be a reach or if it would require sacrifice of extra’s, but would not be detrimental, that reflects economic choice rather than hardship.  If in prioritizing the passion of learning about herbalism or having a holistic health consult there is no sacrifice or its a sacrifice of extra’s, this reduced rate area is designed to make prioritizing yourself a little easier.  If this part of the scale is for you, your compensation will look like:

  • Acute Care Consult: $55-85
  • 60min Cozy Comfort: $75-110
  • Integrative Herbal Consult Series: $175-$250
  • Roots-n-Seeds 8 week Course: $325-475

The Community Rate: This tier is for you if paying for a class, product, or service at the middle of the line rate would lead to a harmful impact on your life beyond a sacrifice. This is the rate for those who sometimes or often struggle to maintain access to needs such as health care, stable & safe housing, food, child care and experience economic hardship.  This end of the scale is for you if you live low paycheck to paycheck &  can’t make headway on significant debt because of interest payments that threaten basic needs, if you have limitations on earnings due to disability/health/citizenship barriers, or take care of multiple people on a single income that leaves things tight with little room for wants. This tier seeks to prevent hardship, and if this is your reality, then this rate (& my scholarships) are designed for you. If you are on a fixed income like SSI, SSD, or PA please reach out to talk about scholarships & access funds.  I work on justice pricing to make sure I can respect your economic offering as equally as the ones at the middle or higher tiers. If this is for you, your compensation will look like:

  • Acute Care Consult : $40-$55 No One Turned Away (NOTA) If $40 is out of reach, still book a session- Your $5, $10, $20 contribution will be accepted as well 🙂
  • 60min Cozy Comfort: $60 Payment Plan Available
  • Integrative Herbal Consult Series: $125-150. Payment Plan Available. Limited Access Funds are sometimes available. If it is not available at the time you are seeking care, consider a NOTA acute care session to get started on approaches & herbal support!
  • Roots-n-Seeds 8 week Course: $275-$325
    • Access Funds are available for those for whom the community rate is out of reach- requests for these are in the course application.