Roots-n-Seeds is a hands-on introductory dive into the incredible world of plant based medicine. These days there are so many great write ups, workshops, & courses out that herbalists of all stripes have created to share with us all- it’s truly an amazing time for herbal know-how, but its also a dangerous time for plant preservation & and it’s an easy era in which to get overhwhelmed (generally!) and not know where to start or how to connect the dots. Roots-n-Seeds was designed to offer not just data and information- but an approach to learning so that overtime information can more readily become knowledge that through application and humble patience can become a wisdom for how to listen to your body, plant energentics, scientific & traditional plant knowledge, and making plant medicine! Whether you never take another class or you go on to a full on herb school to spend most of your waking time emersed in this realm as I have so for so many years- this course gives you solid hooks to hang your conceptual hats on conceptually, spiritually, and practically!

A labor of love, this foundational herbalism course is informed by over a decade of my own grassroots & academic studies, infused with ecological and social justice analysis, and inspired by my community organizing background and commitments. Initially created as a hybrid course, it is now offered both as hybrid and fully online versions! For those of you far from my homebases of NYC and the Western Catskills, live classes can now take place from the cozy comfort of your own home & kitchen- the original HQ of the healing-arts!

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 I am truly amazed and grateful to have learned about how powerful plants and herbs truly are every day from an amazing teacher.”

Laura R.

Wow. This course has truly enhanced my life. Avi’s classes are extremely informative and hands on. After taking this class, I’m able to make tinctures, salves, syrups, and gummy bears and much more! Simply applying the compresses we learned to make for 20 minutes alleviated my annoying back pain better than anything I have ever tried before!”

Lisa C.

Studying herbs with Avi-Rose gave me so many new tools! What I found most valuable was the thoughtful, caring community Avi-Rose encouraged in the group. We not only asked questions of our fearless leader, but increasingly ran ideas by each other supporting our development. This course was an extremely meaningful and satisfying experience for me!

-Lauren L.

Through the 8-weeks Avi-Rose inspired and opened my eyes to the herbs, the way they can heal and the ways to give back in ways that I never expected. Each week was a chance to play with a new herb in a supportive and generous setting as Avi shared a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm about all of it”

annette R.

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As someone who had no prior experience with herbalism beyond what I’d researched on the internet, Avi’s course was a breakthrough for me in achieving a greater understanding of not only herbal medicines and their effects, but also of my own capacity to determine what each herb could be used for based on subtle sensory experiences. Avi also fostered a collaborative, caring environment, where people felt comfortable asking questions, making mistakes, and learning in ways that made the most sense to them.”

michael l.

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I enrolled in Roots-n-Seeds hoping to learn the basic principles of herbalism and broaden my medicine-making skills. I was raised on plant medicine, and yet I felt like I was missing language to describe the knowledge I had. In Avi-Rose’s class, I immediately felt grounded, and often throughout—humbled. I learned to listen for what the plants had to teach. Week-to-week I began to smell, taste, and feel what medicine they contained. I felt as if I was beginning to learn their language. Not the one I had come seeking, to name and describe objectively; a language in which I mostly received through my senses. Being in this class I also cultivated greater awareness of reciprocity—or lack there of—in my relationship with plants. In being with plants (drinking, smelling, cooking, journaling, playing) I learned an abundance of knowledge and practiced multi-sensory awareness. Avi-Rose helped me to stop taking myself so seriously and to approach medicine-making with respect, curiosity, humility, and humor. As a kinesthetic learner, I especially appreciated their teaching style that relies heavily on somatic integration. And which I believe will translate beautifully over zoom, with your own medicine making kit to work with from home.

I would recommend this class to anyone who feels called to be in right relationship with plants.

Charlie M

How thorough, fun and practical it is! I still remember a lot of what we learned as it was accessible and useful information. It’s a great foundation for further experimentation and learning. Really enjoyed my experience!

Claudia D.

Doing the Roots-n-Seeds with Avi-Rose was a phenomenal experience. I was able to develop a deeper connection with herbs in a way I did not know was possible. I loved the way we built a relationship, journaled, smelled, spoke, and meditated with each herb. This place was a healing space that took the time to decolonize what we are told about holistic health. I like the way we centered our identities and what we know coming into the space. Developing into the many ways folk interact with herbs we are made to feel comfortable with leaning onto our intuition and bodies on what formula is right for us. This experience allowed me to learn so much more about myself and has assisted me in my spiritual journey. Roots-n-Seeds is a loving learning community.

Christine R.

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