Client Reflections

Speaking with an Avi-Rose is similar to talking to your best friend in a no judgment zone type of atmosphere. You get to converse with them about primary medical issues, sleep pattern, energy level and other health concerns in a casual way while learning which herbal combinations and nutritional changes will work best help you. 

Kimberly J.

Avi-Rose helped me tremendously starting with how they approached our work. They emphasized that any suggestions they made were optional and negotiable, and encouraged me to share my reservations and concerns. For example, many migraines are triggered by food allergies. One way to identify those allergies is keeping a diary of foods consumed leading up to a migraine. Avi-Rose was completely compassionate and understanding when I explained my fear that keeping a food diary would trigger body dysphoria. Together, we found a workaround that would increase my awareness of possible allergens without causing further harm or suffering. They are clear, compassionate, and communicative about their capacities and boundaries, open, and friendly- an excellent recipe for trust and collaboration. I felt seen and supported in our time together. 


Avi-Rose was key in helping through an immensely challenging time. I was planning my wedding and dealing with near-daily anxiety about getting everything done while working a full-time high stakes job. They did a few sessions with me and then put me on a herb regimen that transformed my life. These were the herbs that got me through the stress of wedding planning, the day of, and then the crash afterward through normalizing my breathing and normal panic responses. I rely on them heavily, and am experiencing far less panic! 


Working with Avi-Rose marked a turning point for me. They facilitated my digging into root causes, long-held patterns, areas where I felt stuck or suffering, and then addressed these issues with custom-crafted herbal blends, nutritional counseling, yoga, meditation & simple life practice suggestions, and a wide range of other tools unique to me. They bring a truly holistic approach to their work, drawing on diverse experience, education, practice, and intuition. Avi-Rose is empathetic and wise, listening deeply while having a knack for drawing out underlying truths and skillfully crafting a big picture framework to work within toward sustainable, long-term healing and growth. AND, along with addressing a range of health issues, I became pregnant while Avi-Rose was developing my herbal protocol! They skillfully reformulated everything to be safe during the delicate first trimester of pregnancy. I fully trust Avi-Rose and whole-heartedly recommend working with them!  

Sarah A.

It’s clear from just a few sessions that they are deeply committed to holistic healing, to the short and long-term healing of the people they work with, and to working with an anti-oppressive framework. The first tincture they made for me immediately helped me with something I had been struggling with for months and shifted things significantly for me. I’m feeling really lucky to get to work with Avi-Rose, to benefit from their wealth of knowledge and experience with a variety of modalities, and most importantly from their genuine care, commitment, enthusiasm, and generosity. They ask great questions, listen, really think about what will be helpful and supportive, and will check in with you about their suggestions.


Avi-Rose goes above and beyond in their work and is a remarkably thorough, insightful, and versatile herbalist. Even before our consultation began, the initial questionnaire provided prompted new insight into the patterns and symptoms of my depression and anxiety. They offer not only effective herbal remedies, but also empathy, intuition, and a wide spectrum of holistic healing supports. Our conversations also helped clarify what supports I already had available to me, and how I could harness those strengths during challenging times with my mental and physical health.


Avi was a powerful ally through my entire healing journey, helping me clarify priorities and health goals in the face of a daunting diagnosis. They shared invaluable referrals and insight to navigating other sources of healing support and helped me explore all the ways I could fully activate wholeness and health in my life, even outside her modalities.  I integrate many of their deeply insightful practices on a regular basis. I strongly recommend reaching out to Avi-Rose for any of your healing and body integration needs and to have an incredible and equipped guide on your quest for whole healthy living and enjoyment.