What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

I practice justice pricing to ensure that skilled, trauma-informed, research & tradition backed herbal consults are not just a boutique phenomenon. You deserve access to connected & informed care no matter your economic experience.

All of my courses & clinical services & mentorship are offered on a sliding scale. Figuring out where along a sliding scale to place yourself is actually a radical practice of mutual aid and mindfulness- and it can be challenging! If you struggle to get needs met, then the scale is here for you to mindfully lean on to get the care or skills you need. If your economic stressors are more about prioritizing opportunities & wants or if your economic stressors are about long term stability & wealth building concerns- please support me at the middle or higher end of the scale respectively. Your grounded choice allows me to show up for our communities without it being at the expense of my own sustainability & wellness. Thank You.

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