I am not a healer & I don’t do any of the healing work. You are the one in your body & in your life cracking open old stuff, adding in new practices, weaving together inspiration, narratives, resources however feels possible in a day. You do the healing work, I support the container & sprinkle some contents & herbs! Coaching to me is basically helping you where the rubber meets the road- in your day to day life. The one of coaching sessions with me is one of honoring & uplifting where you are & how you are hoping to be- sans shame or pressure- this happens throughout all of our sessions. Explicit coaching where we check in & discuss your aims happens through my 20min mini coaching sessions. These come 4 in a package and we meet 4 weeks in a row to check in on how the week went, address any obstacles, and we make a realistic and simple aim & what could help it go well in the context of your life this week. No shame, All support in a tiny amount of time.