Our bodies are always subtly moving- they are never actually stagnant! Our bodies also require us to move them around to function & repair. Moving our bodies lubricates joints & tendons, keeps our digestive system flowing, soothes the nervous system, moves stuck or stagnant thoughts, helps our circadian rhythms sync up, and so much more. Moving is also loaded! How do we move when there is chronic pain? How do we find what feels good when we are dissociated? How do we find new ways of moving since that acute injury made that one thing we liked impossible? I work with clients to find ways of moving that are in alignment with their enjoyment: walks, stretches, 1980’s aerobic videos in full costume…for some its about habits, for others its about an invitation to go outside and breath/move around for a few minutes.  Having taught Hatha yoga for 8 years, I am able to offer trauma-informed private yoga sessions geared towards creating at home restorative or active yogasana practice and sometimes still do that upon request. For everyone, this work is about finding movement & rhythms that stay out of the shame & should piles!