Sarah A.

Working with Avi-Rose marked a turning point for me. They facilitated my digging into root causes, long-held patterns, areas where I felt stuck or suffering, and then addressed these issues with custom-crafted herbal blends, nutritional counseling, yoga, meditation & simple life practice suggestions, and a wide range of other tools unique to me. They bring a truly holistic approach to their work, drawing on diverse experience, education, practice, and intuition. Avi-Rose is empathetic and wise, listening deeply while having a knack for drawing out underlying truths and skillfully crafting a big picture framework to work within toward sustainable, long-term healing and growth. AND, along with addressing a range of health issues, I became pregnant while Avi-Rose was developing my herbal protocol! They skillfully reformulated everything to be safe during the delicate first trimester of pregnancy. I fully trust Avi-Rose and whole-heartedly recommend working with them!